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        • Clinker Grinding Plant
        • Cement Grinding Plant
        • Clinker Grinding Station
        Clinker Grinding Plant
        Clinker Grinding Plant

        Clinker Grinding Plant

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        Applications:Building material

        Materials:Clinker,Gypsum and others

        Feed size:Design by Order


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        Overview of Clinker Grinding Plant

          Cement grinding station is an individual independent cement finished products production units of the formation of finally finished stage of cement production line. This phase will add the cement clinker with proper amount of mixed materials to be grinded for cement finished product.

        Pictures of Clinker Grinding Plant


        Features of Clinker Grinding Plant

        The production of cement, generally can be divided into raw meal preparation, clinker calcining and finished cement three processes, etc. Silicate cement production technology is representative in the cement production, is a limestone and clay as the main raw material, through crushing, ingredients, which takes limestone and clay as the main raw materials, through crushing, burdening, grinding to fine particles to get the raw meal, then feeds into the cement kiln to calcination to get the cement clinker, mix some gypsum into the clinker(sometime with mixed materials and admixture) to grind int portland cement.

        Working Principle of Clinker Grinding Plant

        a. Gypsum and Blending Materials Crushing System  
        b . Cement Proportioning and Grinding System
        c. Cement Storage and Bulk Loading
        d. Cement Packing  and the finished-product Storage

        Prices of Clinker Grinding Plant

        Prices of Clinker Grinding Plant

        Huanqiu Heavy Industry provides customers with production line design process and helps to design a satisfactory and reasonable production line. We also provide related technical personnel training and enable them to acquire a certain amount of technical knowledge and machine maintenance tips.

        Technical Data of Clinker Grinding Plant


        1.Gypsum and Blending Materials Crushing 
         Gypsum will be unloaded into the hooper after being stored in cement plant, then will  be fed into the different silo by belt and bucket elevator through being crushed by jaw crusher.
        2. Cement Proportioning and Grinding
        After material blending at bottom of clinker silo, admixture silo and gypsum silo, material will be fed into the cement mill. Then material will be fed into cement separator by bucket elevator. Finished product will be conveyed into three cement silos via elevator. Coarse powder will return to mill to regrind.
        3.Cement storage and Cement packing
        Three round silos will be used for cement storage. Feeding cement from cement silo to packing machine, cement packer will be used for cement packing. Cement will be fed into vibration sieve by elevator, then into cement hooper,and then into cement packer. Bagged cement will be sent into loading machine by belt conveyor.T he weight of each bag will be measured and adjusted by electron balance when packing. Packing system sets has the complete soot-eliminating devices to ensure the exhaust standard.


        Models and specifications of the equipment, according to the actual needs of customers, or special requirements of customers, can be custom designed.

        China Henan Global Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd.
        E-mail: sales@cementline.com
        Tel: 0086-371-63759558
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