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      The fixed cement packing machine working principle

      News time:2018-05-23

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      Impeller Feeding  Fixed Cement Packing Mahine
      General Introduction:
      This series of packing machines adopt microcomputer programmed control system. When a bag is inserted manually, it touches the bag inserting inductive device which will send signal to the control mechanism at the same time. So that the computerized control program will be activated and begin to control the filling process. It realizes the automation of the cement filling process of bag inserting, cement filling, measuring, bag falling, and truck loading in the end.
      1.     Electronic and mechanical automation integrated
      2.     Accurate weighing and stable performance
      3.     Low-dust leaking and environmental protection
      4.     Easy operation and convenient maintenance
      5.     Durability and all years service 
      New Technologies:
      1.     BGYW-D Series Microcomputer mechanism: it is mainly composed of automatic components, such as EDI-3125 weighing display, solid state relay, and proximity switch and so on. At the same time of ensuring the measuring precision and reliability, they could make the operational process much easier and convenient. The comprehensive functions are incomparable.
      2.     BGYW-D bag inserting inductive device: it adopts magnetic signal detection on bag inserting device. The working principle is as follow: the inserted bag directly pushes the oscillating bar which is equipped with permanent magnet and makes it close to the inductive switch, and then the proximity switch will convey the collected magnetic signal to the microcomputer control system and make it sending out the signal of opening the shutter and starting the motor. This inductive device could realize the function of no bag inserting, no cement filling.
      3.     BGYW-D Control Mechanism: Adopting the latest double-position solenoid driver as the motive power, it could control the switch of discharging spout through a shutter lever which could drive sealing ash shutter. Compare to the interlocking device of the original mechanical lever, this control mechanism is more reliable, with lower failure rate and accurate weighing precision.
      4.     BGYW-D Weighing System: is composed of a weighing sensor and a weighing display; it replaces the original mechanical weighing mechanism. The weighing precision of new generation weighing meter EDI-312S could reach to 1/3000FS.

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